The first SEAT model –a 1400– that came off the assembly lines of the company in Barcelona´s Zona Franca on 13th November 1953.

Job # 16,000,000

November 13 1953 was the day that Seat built their first car, a Seat 1400, in Barcelona Spain at their Zona Franca plant. Today, January 25 2008, Seat has reached a new production milestone at their Martorell plant, car number 16 million rolled off the production line. Back in 1953, 900 employees produced 5 car per day while the current staff of 12,000 manufacturer almost 2,000 units daily. Just to throw some numbers your way, that means Seat built 320,000 units per year on average, almost 877 cars per day or 36 and a half cars per hour.

Seat job number 16,000,000 is a Seat Leon Ecomotive equipped with a 105 hp 1.9 liter TDI engine, which emits just 119 g/km of CO2 while consuming 3.7 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers. The silver Seat Leon Ecomotive is destined to be sold to a lucky, environmentally-conscious Spaniard.

SEAT Chairman Erich Schmitt said: “the upward trajectory of the company´s production activities, not only because of technological advances but also the high quality in the products and processes and environmental protection. To this the entire workforce has made a particular contribution, being as they are increasingly involved in achieving premium quality”.

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