Nissan has released the first details about the 2012 GT-R.

Quietly introduced at the Paris Motor Show, the updated model features a new front bumper (with double rectifier fins and LED daytime driving lights), a revised rear fascia (with an improved diffuser), and Hyper Blue Black Chrome wheels with Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT 600 DSST CTT tires. Thanks to these tweaks, the drag coefficient drops to 0.26 while downforce is improved by approximately 10%.

Inside, changes are relatively minor but include a revised dashboard, carbon fiber trim, chrome-plated accents, and new seats.

Under the hood, engineers made a number of improvements to enable the twin-turbo V6 to produce 530 PS (390 kW / 523 bhp) and 612 Nm (451 lb-ft) of torque - an increase of 38 PS (28 kW / 38 bhp) and 23 Nm (17 lb-ft). Despite the added power, fuel efficiency improves to 8.5km/L (20 mpg US).

For better maneuverability, the all-wheel drive system can be deactivated when vehicle is traveling less than 10 km/h (6 mph) and the steering wheel is turned more than halfway. More importantly, new sturt bars have been installed (in the engine compartment and under the dashboard) to increase chassis rigidity and responsiveness. On top of this, the front suspension has been outfitted with revised springs, aluminum free-piston shock absorbers and a new stabilizer bar. Out back, the rear suspension has a modified roll center height which improves tire grip during cornering.

In the SpecV, everything is virtually identical to the standard model but an overboost function can temporary increase the maximum torque output to 632 Nm (466 lb-ft). Furthermore, there are beefier brakes and a sportier VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control) system.

If that isn't hardcore enough, you'll be happy to know the Club Track returns to the lineup. Details are limited, but Nissan says the car will "allow drivers to experience the full performance potential" of the GT-R.

Lastly, the new Egoist model has confirmed previous rumors of a high-end GT-R. It features premium leather upholstery, a Wajima Maki-e steering wheel emblem, and a Bose sound system which is "exclusively tuned according to the driving position of each driver."

The latter two models are JDM-only, but Nissan is considering introducing the Egoist in Europe and the Middle East. The Club Track could be launched in Europe as well.

The updated GT-R will go on sale in Japan and make it's public debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show on November 17th. Pricing starts at 8,694,000 yen. American and European availability is scheduled for "after February 2011" as a 2012 model year.

Check out the press release for additional information

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