The G-Class is known for being tough, but it can't beat a crane with a claw.

There's one less Mercedes-Benz G-Class on the road, and this video captures the SUV's destruction. It's a somber end for a machine that is renowned for being so tough. 

Unfortunately, we don't know the reason for this G-Class' destruction. The YouTube description offers no explanation, and even the video seems to cut off suddenly in the middle of the wrecking. The SUV looks to be in good condition, so this isn't likely to be an automotive recycler or junk yard. It seems more likely that this machine is a victim of confiscation for some reason and is facing elimination.

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The big claw has no problem crushing through the Mercedes' roof and then caves in the windshield. The video ends with the crane lifting the G-Class into the air, and it would be fascinating to see what happens next.

This really seems like a waste of a perfectly good SUV. Even if it's not in running condition, selling the parts would likely yield a greater profit than crushing this expensive Mercedes.

If there's any consolation, it's that the person operating the crane seems to be rather gentle with this Mercedes' annihilation. For example, check out the quick end for this SLS AMG in the United States from 2015. Within 30 seconds, the guy grabs the coupe by the roof and rips the interior out the car.

Production of the new G-Class is now underway in Austria, but the previous generation remains on the market as the G-Class Professional in places like Germany, the Middle East, and Australia. Folks in need of tough off-roader can get the Professional as a boxy SUV, chassis cab, and hardcore 6x6 body. 

Source: Mercedes -Benz Europe via YouTube

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