No second mortgage needed.

It seems like forever ago when we first heard of Lego and Bugatti teaming up for a new Technic set featuring the Chiron. Actually, it was January – an eternity in internet time. Now, after months of waiting and little news from neither Bugatti nor Lego, we finally have a date on when we will see the kit – Friday, June 1. That’s great and all – but when can we buy it, and for how much? Those are questions we’ll have to wait to have answered.


Along with the reveal date, Lego slipped a little teaser – the Bugatti kit draped in a black cloth. There’s just a peek that shows the wheel, a small portion of the bumper, and what would be the wheel well and beginning of the door sill. The little teaser proves nothing other than the fact this is a Lego Technic kit. Surprised?

Lego Technic is a big step above your standard Lego building blocks. The brand is designed for the company’s most prestigious construction projects that often require unique pieces, such as gears and axles. Some even come with electric motors and pneumatic parts. What sort of goodies will the Bugatti receive remain to be seen? 


When you buy a Lego Technic kit, you get a lot more than just a gussied-up Lego set. This is for professional with patience. Take the Porsche 911 GT3 RS Lego Technic kit. This thing has 2,704 pieces and takes six hours to assemble, according to the toy company. You’ll need to clear your schedule for one of these. The price for the GT3 RS is $299.99, which should be able where the Bugatti Chiron starts. That’s significantly cheaper than the real-life version. The GT3 RS’s instruction manual is 600 pages, doubling as an art book about the coupe.

This is probably your only time to actually own a Chiron – even if it’s technically a toy. Or, maybe you have the willpower to keep it in the box and sell it for a profit years later?

Source: Lego Technic via Facebook

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