The car’s rear-wheel-drive power surpasses the driver’s skill.

With the right modifications and an endless supply of financing, anyone can make just about any car insanely fast and powerful. It helps if your base car is, say, a Mercedes SLS AMG. The SLS AMG ushered in a new era of performance from the German luxury automaker. Out of the box, the SLS produced 563 horsepower – which is still plenty today. But for one owner, that wasn’t enough.

According to the video description, the owner of this particular SLS AMG added a slew of upgrades to the 6.2-liter V8 engine that included turbochargers, a modified gearbox, an ECU upgrade, a tune by GAD Motors in Germany, and much more. How much more? We don’t know. The video says the SLS makes 990 horsepower – which is way more than it does stock. However, it appears that the driver’s spending outpaced his driving skills. 

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Within seconds of the SLS leaving the starting line, it veers left off the runway and plows into the thick grass. It looks like the driver just turns the wheel and heads off course before coming to a stop in the field. Thankfully, the SLS appears undamaged in the video. The same can’t be said for his ego. 

The race stewards decided to give the driver a second attempt to rocket down the track. The driver still has trouble keeping the tuned SLS AMG under control during his second attempt, this time slipping and sliding into the opponent’s lane. Thankfully, he was racing alone.

Along with dishing all the details about the SLS AMG’s added performance, the video description also notes the car completed a world-record, half-mile run at 186.86 miles per hour (300.73 kilometers per hour). That’s fast, but world-record fast? Maybe.

This video is a good reminder that just because someone has a powerful car doesn’t mean they have the skills to apply that power to the track correctly. It also shows the importance of just becoming a better driver – whether that’s through local autocross events or high-performance driving schools. Driving is a skill, and you can work toward perfecting it.

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