These hot hatches can hold their own against some powerful supercars. It's impressive to watch.

The Mercedes-AMG A45 takes the idea of a hot hatch to new heights. With a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder pumping out 376 horsepower (280 kilowatts) and routing through an all-wheel-drive system, the model has enough muscle even to give supercars a run for their money. For proof of the A45's impressive performance, check out this clip of a few of them drag racing an impressive collection of machines, including a BMW M5, Lamborghini Huracan, Jaguar F-Type, and many more.

While the A45s don't win every race in this clip, they put on a very good show. Even when they lose, there isn't much of distance away from the supercar ahead.

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Among the A45s racing in this video, one of them sports Brabus badges, suggesting it has even more power than stock. The famous Mercedes tuner offers a PowerXtra package for the hot hatch that boosts the output to 394 hp (294 kW) and 369 pound-feet (500 Newton-meters) – versus 351 lb-ft (475 Nm) in stock form.

Other tuners have managed to extract even more power from the A45's 2.0-liter engine. Sitting among the top of the heap is Posaidon’s ability to boost the mill's output to a gargantuan 543 hp (406 kW) and 487 lb-ft (660 Nm). The work, including a new turbo and intercooler, is so extreme that the firm has to electronically limit the max torque to preserve the powerplant's durability.

Now that a new generation of the A-Class is hitting the road, AMG is preparing an even more potent A45 (spy shots above). It'll stick with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder, but the engine will have a new architecture with nothing in common with the current one. Output will rise above 400 hp (298 kW) for even more supercar-stomping ability. To harness the additional power, there will also be a more sophisticated all-whee-drive system that will possibly include the rear-wheel-drive drift mode from the E63 S.  

Source:  Automotive Mike via YouTube