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[UPDATE, June 5] The fifth and final episode has been released (see above). The first four have been attached at the bottom of the article.

Audi is stepping up its game as far as teasers are concerned by creating a five-part mini-series for its upcoming flagship SUV, the Q8. The first episode “aired” today on the company’s Audi MediaTV channel on YouTube, but prepare to be disappointed. Why? The clip may be more than three minutes long, but it barely shows the luxobarge.

Get Better Acquainted With The Q8:

Since this is and not, we honestly only care about the Q8. Perhaps the most interesting detail revealed in the video is the bright orange paint of what we assume is the production-ready model. Orange is a pretty rare color and usually used only by performance cars, but what really caught our attention is the fact that it bears a striking resemblance to the Q8 Sport concept (pictured below) unveiled back in March 2017. It could be a sign the Q8 will be launched from day one in a sportier iteration before receiving the full-fat RS treatment as part of Audi Sport’s plan to bolster its SUV portfolio in the years to come.

Gallery: 2017 Audi Q8 Sport Concept


Dubbed “Unleash the tough,” Episode 1 tells the following story: “It was supposed to be a romantic date night, but everything turned out completely different.” The rest of the episodes will be out on May 24 (Unleash the brave), May 28 (Unleash the gentleman), June 1 (Unleash the hero), and on June 5 (Unleash your character). The latter will coincide with the official reveal of the Audi Q8 at the Audi China Brand Summit Shenzhen on the same day when will finally get to see “the most thrilling Audi SUV of all times.”

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