Being in the same job for decades is no easy task, especially when your job is to drive, fix, and develop Lamborghini cars. Now, who are we kidding; Valentino Balboni had the best profession in the world. And to celebrate this momentous event, 70 Lamborghini cars gathered in Balboni’s 50th anniversary gathering.

Yes, 70. All from seventeen different countries across four continents. From the 350 GT to the Aventador to the Urus SUV, these masterpieces gathered together to celebrate the life of a man who had worked for Lamborghini for more than half of his life.

More news from the bull brand:

Balboni had been with Lamborghini since 1968, and started as a workshop apprentice. He was then officially appointed as test driver in 1973 and has became the chief test driver until 2008, his retirement year. Speaking with AutoClassics, he mentioned that he had the chance to “sit behind the steering wheels of about 80 percent of the cars built in Sant’Agata Bolognese during that time.” So basically, a car with a bull on the badge was his daily driver for as long he can remember. That’s a bummer, don’t you think? 

Balboni also said that he owe so much to Bob Wallace, Lamborghini’s first test driver. He helped shape Balboni’s humble beginnings with the marque’s production cars. By the time he’s finished with the Countach, he proceeded to develop new models, such as the Gallardo and the Diablo, even before computer simulations and virtual reality became a thing.

Because of his excellent work with the Gallardo, Lamborghini launched a special version of it in 2009 – the LP550-2 ‘Valentino Balboni’. It’s a rear-wheel driven lighter version of Lambo’s first V10, which you can order with manual transmission. Sweet. 

The gathering of 70 Lamborghinis is a symbol of how a man’s success can touch lives, here in the form of amazing supercars. Balboni has lived a fast-paced life, a life Lamborghini owners owe to.

Source: 19Bozzy92 via Youtube

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