Monaco – the country filled with luxurious casinos, yacht-lined coastline, and the home of the Monaco Grand Prix. The last one surely rings a bell for motorsport fans, as this is one of the venues for prestigious annual Formula 1 races. To put it simply, this place bears witness to the epitome of speed and loud eargasmic exhaust sounds, not to mention roaming Mercedes SLR by Fab Design, or Nico Rosberg’s 1955 Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing.

Now, have you ever wondered what the Monaco F1 track looks like on a normal day? Youtube user WiZe1972 uploaded a video of him while driving his Audi S5 Sportback on the race track’s “wash day.” He was clearly excited about his Monaco run at the start of the video. Well, who wouldn’t be.

A lot of fancy cars filled the speedway, albeit, parked. Several legendary creations were also seen in almost every corner. It’s like a massive showroom, so to speak. Even the car in front of the video owner was a Porsche 911 GT3 RS, and he couldn’t resist getting excited about it. A number of car nuts (should be tourists) were also around taking photos of the masterpieces, which is quite normal.

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The Monaco F1 circuit on a regular day isn’t too far from its usual glory, except for one thing – traffic is painfully slow. We figured, the driver of the S5 Sportback should be running 10 miles per hour or less, far from the 200+ milers per hour that F1 cars can do on a race day. He knows about it, even humoring that his Monaco run could be the slowest lap around the famous speedway. He’s not completely wrong about it.

So, if you’re thinking of driving your fancy ride inside the Monaco F1 circuit when there’s no scheduled race, well, think again. It won’t be as exciting as you think. It’s just as mundane as driving on busy New York streets.

Source: WiZe1972 via Youtube

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