Czech Republic is a beautiful country. While it’s known for its picturesque cities, exquisite food, and great beer, this nation apparently has something really cool that have been hiding in plain sight. Safari Cup, as they call it, is a remote-controlled road rally racing that we may have been missing all along.

Road rally racing is an exciting motorsport by itself. The adrenaline rush you get from going through dirt, mud, and incredible twisties is irreplaceable. That’s why this motorsport have been existing since 1911, and have sprung a lot of rivalries between carmakers constantly besting each other in the World Rallycross Championships.

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On the other hand, remote-controlled cars is just as exciting for adults as it is for children. They’re not just (expensive) toys. In fact, there are race tracks for RC cars around the world, which can be a reason for us to call it a motorsport, sans the actual driving.

Now, imagine combining the two in a huge race track, complete with tight turns and rough terrains, plus huge hillw that can make cars jump, just like in real-life rally races. And oh, you have to run with your RC car, instead of just using first-person-view cameras. That’s what the Safari Cup is all about.

Seeing these guys run with their RC cars looks really exciting. It takes out the boredom of just sitting around with the remote while you watch you watch through the FPV monitor. While some may see it tiresome, we beg to differ. Besides, we all can use a little physical activity, and what better way to exercise than running with a pretty agile RC car.

Safari Cup – Remote-Controlled Rally Racing
Safari Cup – Remote-Controlled Rally Racing
Safari Cup – Remote-Controlled Rally Racing

Best part is, the RC cars in the Safari Cup looks realistic. So much so, that popular WRC nameplates are also present in the lineup, such as the Subaru Impreza WRX, Ford Focus, and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. And of course, Czech Republic’s own marque, Skoda, won't be absent in the Safari Cup. Pretty nifty, if you ask us.

Here an FPV view from one of the Safari Cup entries:


And the aerial view of the Safari Cup race track:


Source: Safari Cup via Facebook

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