In the grand schemes of senior pranks, four Cumberland High School students, in northwest Wisconsin, take the cake. I remember my senior year someone dropped hundreds of bouncy balls from the second floor down to the first. Well, I heard about it. The mess was cleaned up before school even started. But the prank pulled off by those Cumberland students was good enough for someone to think a car had crashed into the side of the high school. Obviously, someone called the police.

When the responding officer arrived, all he could do was laugh at the whole thing, according to the Twin Cities Pioneer Press. The officer quickly discovered the crashed car was the result of the prank.

More Automotive Hilarity:

The four seniors – Konur Pasko, Cody Paul, Adrian Warner, and Jacob Woodley – arrived at the school at exactly midnight Sunday. They took precautions to make sure they didn’t damage any school property. The four hauled the half car to the school, pushed it against the wall to make it appear like the front end of the Pontiac Grand Am GT.

They attached black plastic to the wall to make it appear the bricks were destroyed during the crash. The four even added electrical tape behind the rear wheels to simulate tire skid marks. The whole elaborate plan only took seven minutes to complete.


“We didn’t want to be there long because we didn’t want to attract attention,” Pasko told the publication.

The idea of the prank came when Pasko was talking with his dad Jon. Apparently, a friend of Konur had purchased the Grand Am the Friday before the prank, but it had severe suspension problems. So, they wondered what they could do with the $200 car. The four gutted the engine, removed the front seats, and then cut off the remaining front portion.

The local police and even the principal found the humor in the prank. The police even tweeted a message and photos of the scene.

“If this is the worst thing our kids are going to do, then we’re really lucky,” Cumberland High School Ritchie Narges told the publication.

Souce: Twin Cities Pioneer Press via Autoblog

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