In a world where the internet is a thing, connecting people all across the globe, there are things you stumble upon that leaves you scratching your head. Exhibit A – the video above. Euronews covered the excitement, even posting a short 16-second clip to YouTube for the world to see. Kevin Nicks broke his own land speed record last weekend. As you’ve probably already deduced, land speed record is relative. He did so in a motorized garden shed of his own creation hitting 105 miles per hour (168 kilometers per hour). He also recorded another run of 101 mph (160 kph).

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Nicks achieved his new records at the Straightliners land speed event on Wales’ Pendine Sands beach, which has been home to land speed attempts and automotive racing since the 1920s. He smashed his previous record of 80 mph (1290 kph). That’s quite an improvement. He told Euronews he was “quite ecstatic” about the results.

Nicks, a 53-year-old gardener with a speed problem, built his motorized shed from a broken-down Volkswagen Passat. The engine is from an Audi RS4. There are no details about horsepower, torque, or overall performance of the engine – or the shed for that matter. He told the publication that the installation of the RS4 engine “consumed his life.”

Now that he has achieved a new land speed record and has the fastest garden shed around, Nicks plans to take his shed to a top speed and wheelie event in England this weekend. He hopes to see how much faster the motorized shed can go on tarmac.

It’s always nice to see someone who’s able to combine two passions into one. Too often we think they won’t mix well – like water and oil – but where there’s a will, there’s a way. Nicks is that shining example.

Source: Euronews via YouTube

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