's Italian team invite fans to the track to share their enthusiasm for high-performance vehicles. is an international team of people who share a passion for the automobile. The office in Italy recently shared this enthusiasm with its readers at the second annual Motor1Days. The event was a huge success, too, with 11,000 people in two days coming to the Autodromo di Modena to enjoy a wide range of automotive fun. A bevy of vehicles packed the paddock, and they varied from Mustangs and Miatas to more high-dollar machines like Lamborghinis and Porsches.


Visitors to Motor1Days didn't simply stare at static cars because there were 100 vehicles for people to experience firsthand. For example, a Porsche 911 GT3, Mercedes-AMG GTAudi R8, and other performance machines were on hand to offer folks hot laps in their passenger seat. Dallara was also on the track to show off the company's hardcore Stradale. Away the circuit, people could actually get behind the wheel to test drive new models like the Toyota C-HR thanks to 15 automakers signing on as official sponsors of the event. In addition, there was a chance to get a little dirty could by experiencing a variety of trucks and SUVs on the off-road course, including the new Mercedes-Benz X-Class pickup. During the two-day event, the staff took visitors on a total of 3,000 hot laps and 1,500 test drives.

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Between stints riding in these diverse autos, there were places to unwind like by playing on a slot car track or taking control of an RC car. Fans of racing sims were able try out impressive rigs with a complete cockpit to make the experience more like driving a real vehicle. Gamers could try out Playstation VR, too.

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Last year, the first Motor1Days welcomed around 5,000 people, and the 2018 event more than doubled that. The Italian team is already brainstorming ways to make 2019 even bigger, so check it out if you happen to be in Italy next year. 

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