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Automakers produce quite luxurious pickup trucks these days like the $62,000 Ford F-150 Limited, but Italy's Aznom Automotive now tops them all with the Atulux, which stands for All-Terrain Utility Luxury. Starting with a previous-generation Ram 1500, the firm converts the pickup into an opulent SUV. There's only room for two passengers in the back, but the couple finds posh surroundings, including a coffee maker that rises from the center console.

The Atulux's maintains a lot of older Ram 1500 design cues like the crosshair grille. At the back, the company fits a tiny trunk that creates a look akin to the recent Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury Concept.


Mechanically, the SUV sticks with Ram's 5.7-liter V8 that makes 396 horsepower (295 kilowatts) here. During the conversion, Aznom reinforces the frame and installs bigger brakes, including eight-piston calipers in front. An air suspension provides a supple ride, and additional sound deadening keeps the vehicle quiet.

Inside, the Atulux cossets the occupants, particularly the ones in the back. Nubuck leather upholsters most of the cabin, including the roof, and sections of Alcantara provide another texture to the interior. In the rear, a refrigerator hides in the center armrest between the seats, and there's a spot in the console that holds two crystal whiskey decanters. To pass the time on the road, roof-mounted displays connect to an Xbox One, and there's a 10-speaker stereo. The video below highlights the on-board coffee maker.


Many firms in Europe build these ultra-luxurious vehicles for carrying people in style, but the companies generally use vans like the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter as a starting point. By basing the Atulux Aznom on a Ram 1500, the builders figure that this solution has a bit more off-road capability. It would make for quite a comfy expedition into the wilderness.

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