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Drag races only make sense when you compare apples to apples. If you have, say, a fast station wagon and a track-only toy, does it still count? We say yes, and here’s one such a non-scientific, but still very interesting drag race. It comes from the folks over at Carfection, who compare the astounding Audi RS6 Avant with the Ariel Atom 3.5R. On paper, the two cars have really nothing in common, and the truth is they are quite different in reality, too.

On the left is the Atom with its only 1,213 pounds (550 kilograms) and 350 horsepower (261 kilowatts), generated by a Honda supercharged 2.0-liter engine mated to a six-speed sequential gearbox. On the right is the mighty RS6 with 552 hp (412 kW) under the hood and a curb weight of approximately 4,000 lbs (1,815 kg).

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In the first race, the driver of the Atom misses the perfect moment for a good start and in the end the track car beats the Audi only by “the smallest of the margins.” During the second run, the Atom shows what it’s really capable of and wins the race with a larger gap.

Maybe the next generation RS6 could be a stronger oponent for the Atom. According to preliminary details, in standard form it should have somewhere in the neighborhood of 605 hp (451 kW), while an additional performance pack should boost this number to 650 hp (485 kW) or even more.

The power will come courtesy of the same 4.0-liter biturbo V8 that’s also available in the Porsche Cayenne Turbo and Lamborghini Urus. Interestingly, the larger RS7 is rumored to receive a hybrid support for its powertrain, but the RS6 is unlikely to get it. The S6, positioned just below the RS6, will be equipped with diesel and gasoline V6s.

Source: Carfection on YouTube

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