Same great design with none of the modern-day refinement.

If you’re not a fan of all-new, luxed-up G-Class, Mercedes is straight-up dangling some forbidden fruit just out of reach. In some markets – such as Germany, the Middles East, and Australia – Mercedes sells what it calls the G-Class Professional. It’s a stripped-down box with four-wheel-drive capabilities and none of the expensive, luxurious amenities. However, this isn’t a stripped-down version of the new 2019 G-Class. No, the Professional rides on old bones dating back to 1990 when Mercedes split the model in two – the luxury version we know today, and the Professional workhorse that's recognized by its chassis code – 461.

"The 461 continues, and we offer that in a number of markets, but only markets that will accept Euro 5 or have a professional application where Euro 5 is acceptable," Ian Hadley James, the Mercedes marketing executive responsible for the G-Class range, told Road & Track. "Government use, armed forces, that kind of thing."


Three versions of the 461 G-Class are built by hand alongside the all-new version at Magna-Steyr in Graz, Austria. There’s the classic boxy wagon, a chassis-cab design, and a 6x6. Bare-bones barely describes the G-Class Professional. The interior looks ripped from the 1990s – but in a good way.

"We’ve seen a growth in the 461 sales as well,” James added. “It’s becoming more unique, there’s no other vehicle like that out there. And yet there’s still very much a need for that sort of vehicle."

Mercedes isn’t planning to pull the plug on the model just yet. James told Road & Track the company is actually investing in the G-Class Professional. There’s a market for it that’s buying them up, so it only makes sense to improve the vehicle. However, well some parts of the world get to enjoy the G-Class Professional, one market that won't see the Professional anytime soon is the U.S. Not even our undying love for crossovers and SUVs can entice Mercedes to sell it here – not when it has a lineup of expensive, luxurious crossovers demanding our hard-earned dollars. 

Source: Road & Track

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