F1 Spy Gate Catalyst Nigel Stepney Has A Brand New Job Developing On-board Racing Cameras

Gigawave, makers of on-board motor racecar cameras, have hired the main character of F1’s most scandalous story ever. Race and Technical engineer Nigel Stepney, who was fired by the Scuderia Ferrari team for suspicion of sabotage and subsequent uncovering of his involvement in transferring Ferrari secrets to rival McLaren, is the new Director of Race Technologies at Gigawave.

"Gigawave Ltd feels that an engineer of Nigel's calibre and experience can only benefit the business's future technological development," read a statement from the company.

The Tifosi however, have very little to fear from the return of Stepney to motorsport as he will not be in F1 at all. He may though, still be indirectly involved in the success or failure of the team as his new job description suggests.

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