How else will you learn it takes three people to tow it?

Hard as it is to accept, you'll probably never own the new Ford GT. The limited run is already sold out, and even if it weren't, how many people really have $450,000 burning a hole in their pocket? Exactly.

So while we'll never know what it's like to wake up each morning, wander into the garage, and see Ford's pristine supercar sitting warm and cozy in its bay, we'll at least know how glorious, elaborate, and overwhelming it is when the GT arrives. That's thanks to a new video from DragTimes, which chronicles the lengthy delivery process each new GT owner goes through.

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See, while the GT is a Ford, the delivery process feels like a product of a boutique European automaker. Each GT arrives at the owner's house in a Reliable transporter designed specifically for the supercar's swan-wing doors.

Along with the big orange delivery truck, a GT delivery specialist accompanies each car to its new home. These specialists are on hand to educate owners on their GT's unique features. That includes mundane stuff like adjusting the steering wheel, interacting with the digital instrument cluster, and adjusting the ride height.

While some of this stuff is easy enough to figure out – the heart of the digital instrument cluster isn't dramatically different from the gauge cluster on the new Mustang, for example – the delivery specialist is also on hand to educate the owner on emergency procedures, like kicking the car back into neutral after a failure. After helpfully suggesting the new owner use the specially designed tool to bludgeon himself for breaking the car, the delivery specialist then explains the three-man procedure required to load a stricken GT on a flatbed.

At 33 minutes, the video is far from short. But it does give a great look at an experience most of us won't ever get to experience. At the same time, this intense instruction is a reminder that while a car like the Ford GT is a lot of fun to drive and very cool to own, it's not even close to being a normal car. If you're one of the many that missed out on owning this particular Blue Oval, keeping its idiosyncrasies in mind helps dull the fear of missing out.

Source: DragTimes via YouTube

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