If you’ve ever driven on a highway with those concrete dividers that look better suited to fortify a military installation during a zombie outbreak than, say, keeping the opposing lane of high-speed traffic on its own side, you understand they seem inadequate. You’d imagine a car careening over the divider into your lane like an action movie – minus the stunt crew and fancy Michael Bay explosions. In reality, the simple design works – and it works well. You can see it work in video from a Wisconsin highway traffic cam that shows the dividers keeping an enthusiastic Ford Super Duty pickup truck on its own side.

Here are some more crazy crashes:

It appears the truck hits the divider, the wheels pulling it up the onto the concrete the divider. With two wheels on the divider and the other two on the ground, the Ford continues driving forward. While the truck stays in its lane, the light poles sitting atop the divider are far from safe. The truck takes down two, cutting them off at the base, and sending them into the oncoming lane of traffic. The large metal poles bounce off the ground, hitting cars in the opposite lane. Several vehicles received damage, but there were no injuries.

After shearing off two light poles, all four of the truck’s wheels join the pavement again before the truck bounces off the divider and comes to a stop. The news report, while brief, notes police arrested the driver for DUI at the scene after he failed a field sobriety test, which makes sense. Jumping the barrier isn’t something that happens in the middle of the day.

So, the next time you’re driving down the highway, remember that concrete barrier work, and they work well. That's even if the side of the road collects its fair share of various car parts from accidents.

Source: CBS New York

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