The occupants were healthy enough to flee the scene afterward.

Here’s your public service announcement of the day: Don’t speed on public roads. Time and time again, we see people driving excessively on public roads before things go terribly wrong. Not only do you put your life in danger, but also the lives of your occupants and those sharing the road with you. The McLaren 720S flung off into the desert in the above video appears to be the only vehicle involved in the accident, which sent the supercar far off into the Nevada desert. The video, from DailyDrivenExotics, shows the aftermath of the nasty crash.


Other McLarens that crashed:

Whoever was driving the McLaren had to have been booking it through the desert. From what the video shows, the McLaren plowed through a turn in the highway, cutting into the opposite lane before heading off the road. Somehow, the driver managed to avoid sending the car down a deep ravine that laid just off the road, barely skirting the edge. The wheel, along with the carbon-ceramic brake, ended up in the ravine far away from the car.

The McLaren is totaled. It looks like the supercar rolled several times considering the amount of debris strewn across the desert. The entire rear of the car is destroyed with the body panels missing. The driver door looks unscathed, but the passenger side is the worst. The roof is crushed in and the door sheared off its hinges. Inside, the roof appears crushed into the top of the passenger seat, which could have been deadly if the passenger was on the taller side. There’s dirt everywhere. The front of the car is the least destroyed – but considering the overall damage, it’s still not good.


According to the video, when police arrived, they found the car abandoned without the occupants gone. However, it appears they found their way to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries – scrapes and bruises.

This accident could have been much worse. If the car would have fallen down the ravine, a passerby on the road may not have seen the car at all. The two could have been trapped without the ability to call for help. This is a reminder to take your high-speed antics to the track. Something bad could happen.

Source: DailyDrivenExotics via YouTube

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