Since the debut of the limited XE SV Project 8, there were hopefuls who wanted a more attainable XE SVR project so they could experience the power of V8 in an XE, without having to shell out almost $200,000. It's actually inevitable, as the limited production of the XE SV Project 8 makes it a hard car to buy.

That light of hope was dismissed by Jaguar more than a month ago, with the execs said that the buyers will have to make do with the supercharged 380-horsepower of the range-topping XE S, or settle with the eight cylinders of the 575-hp F-Type and 550-hp F-Pace SUV. In short, XE SVR won’t likely happen.

However, this video above may spark a little light to those hopefuls. An XE S Prototype has been seen roaming around the Nurburgring area. The video was captured by Carspotter Jeroen while the XE S Prototype was gassing up.

We’re sure that the XE wasn’t the SV Project 8 with the absence of the huge wing. And it seems like the limited edition XE had too much of the ‘Ring this month in full camo, perfecting the race track inch by inch.

But the car in the video is different. It’s definitely an XE with an S badge, but in half-camouflage. While it wasn’t clear what’s under the hood of the mysterious car, the sound it created tells us something – it’s one badass XE and Jaguar is cooking something up with it. Maybe Jaguar gave the XE SVR idea a chance?

The British marque may or may not have changed its mind when it comes to making the XE SVR happen, but we’ll see in the months to come. What we’re sure of is that the upcoming XE won’t be lesser than that of the supercharged V6 S model.

Source: Carspotter Jeroen via Youtube

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