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Okay, not all videos on Youtube are true, nor does everything a comedian post is entertaining. But if you’re among those who have been wondering how many radio-controlled cars are needed to pull a real vehicle, then this 11-minute video has the answer that you’re looking for.

The star on this video is an old Jeep Grand Cherokee. We’re guessing it’s a 2003 model with its huge headlamps and the position of its fog lamps. Anyway, it looks like it’s in a bad shape and ready to be pulled by Traxxas RC cars.

For starters, the 2003 Grand Cherokee weighs around 4,000 pounds, although, the kids on the video tried to “lessen” the weight of the car. Now, we’re not entirely sure how the math works around the toy cars as the exact RC model weren’t disclosed, and guess nobody really cares. All we wanted to see is the old beater moving.

If you can’t stand the humor in the first parts of the video, you can jump to 7:35 for the real action. The old Grand Cherokee moved slowly at first with nine Traxxas RC cars pulling. We were skeptic at first but seeing the old beater from its rear angle without any person pushing, it looks like a legit one.

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Actually, this isn’t the first time that someone has made a video of toy cars pulling a real one. In fact, toy car manufacturer Tamiya partnered with Toyota UK to have its Bruiser (a 1/10 scale toy Hilux) pull a real Toyota Hilux pickup truck.

You can watch that video below. It was done beautifully, and actually involved real math, as part of Toyota UK’s Little and LARGE campaign. They also did a trick show with a Toyota 86 (and its small scale model), which was rather cute.


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