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People don’t like to think they’re targets of law enforcement because of the car they drive. However, ask any high schooler with a sports car, and you’ll find more than a few stories where it seems like they’re being picked on – at least in the U.S. But sometimes, a car can stick out from the crowd, drawing unwanted attention from police. Now, how to avoid such interactions with the law? Well, something conspicuous that your grandmother would love to drive is a good place to start. What you shouldn’t do is throw a massive wing on the trunk, widen the fenders, lower the car, and then crank 1,850 horsepower from the motor – as this Nissan GT-R owner did.

Now, we’re not criticizing the owner’s tastes. All that power sounds phenomenal as the coupe crawls through the Monaco tunnel. However, as the saying goes, “the tallest blade of grass is the first to be cut by the scythe.” If you stand out, you’ll get noticed, and sometimes it’s not positive attention.

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What the driver was pulled over for is unknown. Diving into the video’s comments says he was ticketed for revving his engine in the tunnel while others stated his wing was too big – wider than the actual width of the car. No one really knows, but in the video, you can see the driver handling what appears to be some sort of ticket.

Another interesting thing that happens during the video is it appears someone – not the driver – pays the officer. Now, he could have just been paying the fine, which isn’t uncommon, but to do it in broad daylight while being recorded makes it look shady – or at minimum bribery. Whatever the cost, it does appear several hundred euros exchanged hands.

Other than being a mild inconvenience, it appears the stop didn’t faze the driver.

Source: Gumball via YouTube

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