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Whenever you read a headline about a dyno test going wrong, you expect to see a video of an engine exploding or some other mechanical mishap; maybe we’ll catch a Deadpool 2 Easter egg. The clip above is short – within 20 seconds you go from expecting a piston to launch itself through the block to being horrified as a man’s arm gets pulled under the tire of a 2019 Chevy Corvette ZR1. It just happens so fast you’re shocked.

However, when you re-watch the video, you can see the Darwin Award jokes writing themselves. So, someone brings a new 2019 Corvette ZR1 to a dyno day. Who wouldn’t want to see how much horsepower their new ZR1 is putting down? Well, because the guy drove his car in off the street, someone had to brush away any stones on the tires so that they wouldn’t shoot out during the test.

Jay Leno inspects the ZR1:

But the guy with the broom was a tad careless, letting the bristles of the brush get caught between the tire and the dyno, pulling the broom and his arm holding it under the ZR1’s tire. The accident happened so quickly the camera operator kept the phone steady throughout the incident. The video edit even providing a very uncomfortable slow-mo replay. It’s just like watching football.

The man who had his arm ran over quickly got to his feet and, at least in the video, appeared uninjured, but boy, this could have been much, much worse. He could have broken his arm, dislocated his shoulder, or been pulled further underneath the car getting stuck and receiving significant injuries. He could have died.

In hindsight, taking a broom to a spinning tire inches away from a spinning roller isn’t the best idea out there. This is a textbook example of thinking before doing. Thankfully, it everyone had a good laugh afterward. That’s much more fun than calling the ambulance.

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