Mercedes-Benz adds yet another model in the already large AMG GT lineup by launching the new GT S Roadster that sits in between the standard GT Roadster and the GT C version. It'll arrive in the United States in late 2018

Like other variants of the AMG GT, the new S Roadster uses a version of the 4.0-liter biturbo V8, and it makes 515 horsepower (384 kilowatts) and 494 pound-feet of torque (670 Newton-meters) of torque in this application. In comparison, the standard GT Roadster has 469 hp (350 kW) and the droptop GT C packs 550 hp (410 kW). All of them have a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. 

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This powertrain gives the S capabilities nearly on par with the C. For example, the S Roadster requires 3.7 seconds to reach 60 miles per hour (96 kilometers per hour), versus 3.6 seconds from its more powerful sibling. The new model can reach 192 miles per hour (309 kilometers per hour) in comparison to 196 mph (315 kph) for the convertible C.  

The AMG GT S Roadster gets a few other pieces of equipment to help its performance, too. A electronically controlled locking rear differential aids in putting power down, and three-mode adaptive dampers are standard equipment. In addition, there are five selectable drive modes that alter elements like the steering, accelerator response, and transmission behavior. As an option, there are also ceramic brake rotors for better response and shedding a few pounds off the convertible. For an even more exhilarating drive, the available AMG Dynamic Plus package adds active engine and transmission mounts and a wider peak horsepower band in the M and Race modes, in addition to a microfiber-covered steering wheel and yellow highlights on the instruments.

2019 Mercedes-AMG GT S Roadster

The S doesn't look much different than other AMG GT Roadsters. One way to identify the new model is the standard AMG Chrome package that features shiny metal on nose, fender fins, and diffuser trim strip. Buyers that prefer a different look can get the optional AMG Exterior Carbon-Fiber pack or the AMG Exterior Night version, which uses high-gloss black parts.

Similarly, the cabin looks like rest of the GT Roadster range. The S comes with AMG performance seats and Airscarf neck heater. The AMG Silver Chrome Interior package is the standard equipment, but options allow buyers to swap this out for high-gloss black trim or carbon fiber.

Source: Mercedes-Benz

Gallery: 2019 Mercedes-AMG GT S Roadster

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New open-air member of the AMG GT family

Affalterbach. Later this year, Mercedes-AMG is extending its sports car
portfolio with an attractive open-air model: the new AMG GT S Roadster.
With this latest addition, the AMG GT family now has a dozen members: four
two-door Coupes, three Roadsters, two customer sports racing cars and three
four-door Coupes. The basis for the high Driving Performance of the new AMG
GT S Roadster is the combination of a lightweight aluminum spaceframe, a
Handcrafted AMG 4.0-liter V8 biturbo engine, a seven-speed dual clutch
transmission, a rear axle locking differential and a sport suspension with
aluminum double wishbone axles.

"With the AMG GT S Roadster, our AMG GT family has gained another
exceptionally sporty member that combines high driving dynamics with an
emotional open-air experience," says Tobias Moers, Chairman of
Mercedes-AMG GmbH. "The new model represents the perfect alternative
for the performance-oriented AMG GT Roadster customer."

Compared to the AMG GT Roadster, the AMG GT S Roadster is rendered even
more dynamic by numerous modifications to the engine, suspension, brakes,
design and interior. This positions it between the AMG GT Roadster and the
even more powerful AMG GT C Roadster, now providing a choice of three opentop

Muscular power unit for a top speed of over 190 mph

The Handcrafted AMG 4.0-liter V8 biturbo in the AMG GT S Roadster delivers
an output of 515 hp and maximum torque of 494 lb-ft. This is available over a
wide engine speed range from 1,900 to 5,000 rpm. The eight-cylinder power
unit delivers muscular performance in all engine speed ranges, combined with
high efficiency for low fuel consumption and emission levels. A sprint from
standstill to 60 mph is absolved in an estimated 3.7 seconds and the dynamic
power delivery continues right up to the top speed of 192 mph.

The two turbochargers of the V8 are not positioned on the outside of the
cylinder banks, but inside the cylinder "V." Advantages: a compact engine
design, spontaneous response of the turbochargers and low exhaust emissions
thanks to optimal airflow to the near-engine catalysts. The dry sump lubrication
also ensures the oil supply even with high lateral forces and allows the engine
to be installed lower, thus moving the center of gravity closer to the road and
forming the basis for high lateral acceleration.

Power transfer is based on the combination of a front mid-engine and the AMG
SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7G sport transmission in a transaxle arrangement, combined
with a torsionally rigid torque tube. Thanks to the wide gear ratio spread, the
decidedly high torque of the V8 biturbo engine can be used to optimum effect.
The weight distribution is also ideal for optimum driving dynamics at 47
percent (front) and 53 (rear) percent.


With adaptive adjustable damping as standard

The AMG GT S Roadster is equipped with the AMG RIDE CONTROL suspension
with adaptive damping adjustment as standard. This fully automatic,
electronically controlled system adjusts the damping at each wheel to the
current requirements. This improves driving safety and ride comfort. The
damping is adjusted individually for each wheel, and depends on the driving
style, the road surface and the selected suspension setting. The ideal operating
point can be selected at all times on the basis of extensive information relating
to acceleration or vehicle speed, for example.

Using a switch in the center console or by selecting the drive mode, the driver
is able to choose between the different damping characteristic maps "Comfort,"
"Sport" and "Sport+," and can thereby individually influence the driving

Choice of driving experience from comfortable to very sporty

The driver is able to set the AMG GT S Roadster to his/her individual
requirements using the AMG DYNAMIC SELECT controller. Five drive modes,
"C" (Comfort), "S" (Sport), "S+" (Sport Plus), "RACE" and the individually
programmable setup "I" (Individual) are available. These allow a broad range of
driving experiences - from comfortable to very sporty.

In all modes, key parameters such as the response of the engine and
transmission, the accelerator characteristics, AMG RIDE CONTROL sports
suspension, the steering, the 3-stage ESP® and the position of the AMG
Performance exhaust flaps are modified.

By pressing the separate "M" button in the center console, the driver can
activate the manual transmission mode in any drive mode to change gear using the steering-wheel shift paddles. The suspension set-ups can also be selected specifically as needed.

Standard equipment: Electronically controlled rear differential

As standard, the AMG GT S Roadster is equipped with an electronically
controlled locking differential at the rear axle, which is integrated into the
compact transmission housing. Its precision and fast control raises the limit of
vehicle dynamics to a new level. It not only further improves the traction of the
drive wheels, but also increases the cornering speed capability. The result is
that the driver is able to accelerate out of corners earlier and with more power
thanks to the improved traction. The vehicle remains more stable when
braking from high speed, while the limited-slip differential also improves

The greatest benefit of the electronic rear-axle limited-slip differential is the
even more precision and proactive control, which pushes the performance
threshold higher, making it even easier to drive at the vehicle's limits. To
deliver optimum cooling, the housing of the limited-slip differential has
additional cooling fins.

Large dimensions: the AMG high-performance composite braking system
The AMG high-performance composite brake system is adapted to the
enhanced performance of the AMG GT S Roadster. The front axle features
composite brake discs measuring 15.4 x 1.42 in with 6-piston fixed calipers,
with composite brake discs measuring 14.2 x 1.02 in and single-piston fixed
calipers at the rear. The brake calipers are painted in red with "AMG" lettering.
There is also the option of AMG high-performance ceramic composite braking
system with brake discs in size 15.8 x 1.54 in at the front axle and 14.2 x 1.26
in at the rear, together with specially painted brake calipers with "AMG Carbon
Ceramic" lettering. Exceptionally short stopping distances, a precise pressure
point and outstanding resistance to fading even under extreme operating
conditions - the AMG high-performance ceramic composite braking system
offers motorsport-like braking performance and weighs around 40 percent less
than with conventional composite brake discs.

Intelligent lightweight construction with high proportion of aluminum
For the body of the GT S, Mercedes-AMG has opted for an intelligent and
particularly lightweight mix of materials with a high proportion of aluminum.
The spaceframe and exterior parts are of aluminum, and the trunk lid too is
particularly light in weight thanks to an innovative composite material. The
load-bearing structure is made of SMC (Sheet Molding Compound). These hightech
composites excel with their lightweight design, high strength and
outstanding surface quality. The innovative materials were developed by the
Mercedes-Benz TEC factory in Sindelfingen, and brought to production
maturity together with the AMG specialists in Affalterbach. The extremely
lightweight front deck made of magnesium reduces the inertia ahead of the
front axle, improving the agility of the Roadster.

Weight-optimized: the fabric soft top

The three-layered fabric soft top is supported by a magnesium/steel/aluminum
structure of low weight, which helps to keep the vehicle's center of gravity low.
Additional roll-over protection is provided by an integrated aluminum crossmember,
while the inserted acoustic mat improves noise comfort.

Authentic sports car experience embodying sensual purity

From the expressive AMG radiator grille to the long hood and the muscular tail
end, the two-seater guarantees a pure sports car experience even when
stationary. The flat front section and forward-sloping radiator grille make the
Roadster appear to hug the road. At the same time this shape lowers the
vehicle's back-pressure point, enhancing the flow of cooling air and the car's
aerodynamic performance.

The front bumper has a jet wing design that emphasizes the car's width,
making it sit flatter on the road. The large outer air inlets guarantee the supply
of cooling air to the engine. The LED High Performance headlamps offer more
safety at night and an unmistakably sporty and distinctive look. Thanks to LED
technology, they illuminate the road more effectively than conventional
headlamps – with lower energy consumption.

Viewed from the side, the arched roof line (when the soft top is closed) and the
frameless doors are eye-catching features. The surfaces and lines of the side

pronounced powerdomes, the greenhouse which has been moved far back, the
large wheels and broad tail end also contribute to the distinctive looks. As
standard the AMG GT S Roadster is equipped with mixed tires on 19-inch rims
at the front and 20-inch rims at the rear.

The high-gloss chrome features in the standard-equipped AMG Chrome
package include the front splitter, the fin on the air inlet grilles in the front
bumper, the fins in the fenders and the trim strip in the diffuser.

AIRPANEL active air management system

The active air regulation system AIRPANEL included as standard is a particular
technical highlight. Vertical louvers at the bottom of the front bumper are
opened and closed electronically by means of an electric motor in around one
second to guarantee the required amount of cooling. Constantly achieving the
ideal position calls for highly intelligent and fast control.

During normal driving with no increased cooling demand, the louvers are
closed for reduced drag and the air is directed at the underbody. This improves
the aerodynamic efficiency of the vehicles. Only when certain components
reach predefined temperatures and the air demand is particularly high do the
louvers open to allow the maximum cooling air flow to the heat exchangers.
As another active aerodynamic component, the Roadster features an
extendable rear spoiler. This reduces lift at the rear axle at higher speeds. With
its broad shoulders and expressive taillamp graphics, the rear end enhances
the emotional overall appearance.

High quality and exclusivity: the interior

The interior design echoes the design lines of the exterior. The dashboard
places a firm emphasis on width, creating an impression of a powerful wing.
Thanks to the high beltlines, concave door paneling, a dynamic, rising center
console and the low seating position, the driver is integrated into the cockpit
and feels fully attuned to the Roadster. The sports seats, the Performance
steering wheel and the instrument cluster also demonstrate outstanding
precision and high-quality materials.

The performance seats are upholstered in black MB-Tex man-made
leather/DINAMICA microfiber as standard. Numerous other materials and
colors are also optionally available:

 Nappa leather in Black
 Nappa leather in Auburn Brown/Black
 Two-tone Nappa leather in Red Pepper/Black,
 Two-tone Nappa leather in Silver Pearl/Black,
 Exclusive Nappa leather in Black,
 Exclusive Nappa leather in Auburn Brown/Black,
 Two-tone Exclusive Nappa leather in White/Black,
 Two-tone Exclusive Nappa leather in Red Pepper/Black,
 Two-tone Exclusive Nappa leather in Red Pepper/Black.
 Exclusive Nappa leather Style in Saddle Brown/Black,
 Exclusive Nappa leather Style in Macchiato Beige /Black,
 Exclusive Nappa leather/DINAMICA microfiber in Black with yellow
contrasting topstitching,
 Exclusive Nappa leather /DINAMICA microfiber in Black with grey
contrasting topstitching,
 Exclusive Nappa leather /DINAMICA microfiber in Black with red
contrasting topstitching.


Choice of high-quality interior trim

As standard the AMG GT S Roadster comes with the AMG Silver Chrome
Interior package. This creates particular highlights with trim in high-quality
silver chrome. The package consists of a center console surround, air vent
bezels and trim strips in the door armrests in silver chrome.

The AMG Black Piano Lacquer Interior package is available as an option. Trim
surfaced in luxurious, shining piano lacquer accentuates the high quality of the
interior. The package consists of a center console surround, air vent bezels and
trim strips in the door armrests in piano lacquer look.

Also optionally available are AMG trim elements in matte silver fiber-glass,
carbon-fiber and matte carbon-fiber. The Exclusive Trim package further
enhances the AMG trim and brings even more individuality to the interior. It
consists of two trim strips in the door armrests in a version dependent on the
chosen AMG trim.

AMG Performance seats with AIRSCARF and climate control

The standard AMG Performance seats provide even more lateral support with
more heavily contoured backrest and seat cushion side bolsters. The AMG
Performance seats of the Roadster are also equipped with the AIRSCARF necklevel
heating system, which makes open-air driving enjoyable even in low
outside temperatures.

The air vent is seamlessly integrated into the seat's head restraint area. To
meet the individual preferences of customers, the airflow intensity can be set
in three stages.

Customers wishing to enjoy comfortable temperatures even on very hot
summer days can also opt for the ventilated seats, which are available for the
AMG Performance seats. The intensity of the climatization can be set in three

Large choice of wheel/tire combinations

As standard the Mercedes-AMG GT S Roadster is fitted with AMG 10-spoke
wheels painted in Titanium Grey, with 9 x 19 inches (front) and
11 x 20 inches (rear) and tire sizes 265/35 R 19 and 295/35 R 20 respectively.
A host of different design and color variants are also available as optional
equipment, for example ultralight forged wheels in a cross-spoke design
painted in matte black with high-sheen rim flange or in polished titanium grey,
both with fully integrated wheel bolt covers.

Tailor-made optional equipment for any customer requirements

On the basis of the extensive standard equipment, the Mercedes-AMG GT S
Roadster offers wide scope for individual wishes.

The AMG DYNAMIC PLUS package ensures even higher driving dynamics and
even sportier handling characteristics. In addition to dynamic engine and
transmission mounts it includes an enhanced suspension profile, enhanced
steering profile and a wider peak horsepower band. The components in detail:
 AMG Performance steering wheel in DINAMICA microfiber
 Dynamic engine and transmission mounts
 Yellow highlights in the instrument cluster

Enhanced steering profile
 Wider peak horsepower band in ‘M’ and ‘RACE’ modes: 6,000 – 6,500
 Enhanced sport suspension profile

The AMG Exterior Carbon-Fiber package lends more dynamism to the open
two-seater from any angle. In this case the front splitter, exterior mirror
housings and the diffuser in the rear bumper are in the motorsport material
carbon-fiber. Moreover, the air inlet grilles in the front bumper are in highgloss
black, as are the air outlet grilles on the hood and the air outlet grilles
behind the front fenders, which also have carbon-fiber fins.

With the AMG Exterior Night package, numerous features in high-gloss black
enhance the expressiveness and sportiness of the Roadster: the front splitter,
fins in the air inlet grilles in the front bumper, the air outlet grilles on the
hood, the air outlet grilles with fins behind the front fenders, the exterior
mirror housings, the trim strip in the diffuser insert and the two exhaust
tailpipes are painted in high-gloss black.

The Mercedes-AMG GT S Roadster will be available in U.S. dealers by late
2018. Additional details including pricing will be available closer to launch.
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