Mercedes-Benz has released the first official pictures of the new C Class Sport Coupe, or else, the CLC, the name the company has decided to give to the hatchback version of the C-Class. In fact, if the German manufacturer had kept the same name, it would be no problem, since it has already kept the old architecture.

The CLC will be produced in Brazil, in the Juiz de Fora plant which Mercedes-Benz built to produce the A-Class. At the end of its production, this facility almost closed its doors before the company managed to find out what to do with it. The solution was the production of the C-Class Sport Coupe, what in part explains why the company has decided to keep the previous platform structure for the CLC. Boot capacity, for example, is the same: 310 liters.

The new CLC, as the company’s press release states, has only had its front and rear end redesigned, in order to follow the sedan's visual identity, but Mercedes-Benz underlines almost 1,100 components have been newly developed or enhanced. We will only know what it means when we drive the car, but the German automaker says the uprated engines (especially the four-cylinder 1.8-liter that pushes the C200 Kompressor and now delivers 184 bhp) and a direct-steer system will provide a much sportier behavior.

The direct-steer system consists of a variable rack ratio associated with a speed-sensitive power steering. To sum up, this means that the driver will have to turn the wheel less in corners, what may be interesting at high speeds.

There will be six powerplant offers for the car: two turbodiesel four-cylinder engines and two four-cylinder and two six-cylinder motors that run on gasoline. They range from 122 bhp to 272 bhp. Fuel economy has been improved by up to 10.8%. A six-speed manual transmition will be standard to all models, with two automatic options, a five-speed for the four cylinder engines and the 7G-TRONIC for the six-cylinder powerplants.

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