Volkswagen's apprentices from Wolfsburg and Zwickau will debut a pair of specially customized Golfs at this year's Wörthersee Treffen in Austria. The vehicles are a chance for these young workers who are mostly in their late teens and early 20s to show off what they are capable of. 

Golf GTI Next Level and Golf Estate GMOTION

The crew from Wolfsburg created the Golf GTI Next Level for Wörthersee. It features a more performance-oriented look than the other. Power comes from a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder with 405 hp (302 kilowatts) and routes through a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. The customized GTI features a generally subtle body kit that includes a much larger rear diffuser than the stock hot hatch. Much of the body is White Silver Metallic, but the rear is Deep Black Pearl Effect. The apprentices add some visual interest to the profile by applying black foil chevrons with red outlines.

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Inside, the GTI mixes light gray and black upholstery with plenty of red accents. The apprentices also used 3d printing to create the housings for the speakers and subwoofer in the back. Some of the young people created an smart device app for controlling the power-extending cargo floor, retractable LED screen, and underfloor lighting.

Golf GTI Next Level and Golf Estate GMOTION

The team in Zwickau came up with a very different machine by making the Golf Estate TGI Gmotion with all-wheel drive. Rather than a highly strung gas-fueled turbo four-cylinder, this vehicle uses 1.5-liter engine running on compressed natural gas (CNG) for fuel and producing 129 hp (96 kW). A coilover suspension also improves the wagon's handling. 

It features a vibrant body that takes colors from Bentley's palette, including Ice, Hallmark, and St. James Red, and VW's Deep Black Pearl Effect appears quite a bit, too. These hues mix together across angular strips on the body, and there's even a matching cargo carrier on the roof. Inside, there's honeycomb embroidery with red stitching on the seats. 

Source: Volkswagen

Gallery: Volkswagen Golf GTI Next Level and Golf Estate GMOTION

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Double premiere at GTI meeting – apprentices from Wolfsburg and Zwickau present the Golf show cars they have developed

Wolfsburg Team shows Golf GTI Next Level with 302 kW  (411 PS) and app control for video game monitor
Apprentices from Saxony make their debut with Golf Estate GMOTION with 96 kW (131 PS) CNG and all-wheel drive
The Golf GTI Next Level with apprentices from Wolfsburg and project manager Holger Schülke:
Tomorrow, on May 9, the day they have been waiting for will finally arrive for two teams of Volkswagen apprentices. The double premiere of the special unique Golf show cars they have developed and built themselves as to take place at the 37th GTI meeting. Each year, tens of thousands of automobile fans come to Lake Wörthersee for the legendary event. Volkswagen’s budding specialists will be presenting their show cars to a large audience there: the Golf GTI Next Level (from Wolfsburg) and the Golf Estate TGI GMOTION (from Zwickau).

The two unique Golfs were created in about nine months on the basis of ideas from 29 apprentices in 12 vocations. For the design of the exterior and interior, the young women and men contributed considerable crafting skills and used digital development and production methods such as CAD and 3-D printing technology. They also programmed dedicated applications for the control of special vehicle functions from a smart phone or tablet PC.

“During the creation of their dream Golf, our apprentices learn about the complexity of automobile production and many future-oriented topics. They also gain practical experience in the application of digital technologies, control and systems technology and the networking of vehicles with the Internet,” says Andreas Strutz, Head of Vocational Education and Further Training Vehicle Construction of the Volkswagen brand. “For this unique vehicle project, we select especially committed young talents and give them the opportunity to learn from experienced colleagues at an early stage.” This year, the project was supported by departments including design, technical development, the pilot hall, the seat center, plastic parts production, the paint shop and the multimedia center.

First premiere: Golf GTI Next Level from Wolfsburg
The Golf GTI Next Level* is powered by a 2.0-liter gasoline engine with an output of 302 kW (411 PS) and is equipped with a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. The unique GTI is painted in the standard colors of white silver metallic and deep black pearl effect (at the rear). Contrasting foils with forked arrows are applied to the paintwork. Like the body kit including the rear diffuser and the interior strips of the forged aluminum wheels, these foils are painted by hand.

Digital technologies were used for the creation of the Next Level. The apprentices developed the design of the exterior and the interior on graphic computers – for example for the complex sound and multimedia installation in the rear of the two-seater. They designed the side trims and the mounts for loudspeakers and subwoofer on CAD computers and fabricated them using 3-D printer technology. In addition, the apprentices programmed special apps to control the electric-powered opening cargo floor, the retractable LED monitor and the LED underfloor lighting using a Tablet PC or smart phone.

The Wolfsburg team of project manager Holger Schülke (by training vocations):
motor vehicle mechatronics technicians: team spokesperson Maximilian Klar (21), Florian Dimt (21), Maximilian Purrucker (21), Vincent Siermann (20), electronics technicians for automation: Patrick Schilling (19) and Maurice-Christian Ziesmann (21), vehicle paint technicians: Anna-Katharina Heumann (22) and Marie-Kristin Schild­­wächter (20), vehicle interior fitters: Henny Stegmann (19) and Lena Volk (20), specialists in office management: Lina Bosse (20) and Tina Geißler (20), technical model maker: Sandra Dombrowski (21), technical product designer: Nico Sennhenn (21), process technician specializing in plastic and rubber engineering: Marc Fitzlaff (23). Maurice-Christian Ziesmann is completing a dual course of studies and is combining his apprenticeship with a bachelor degree course in electrical engineering and information technology (Ostfalia, Wolfenbüttel). Henny Stegmann is completing her apprenticeship with Sitech in Wolfsburg, all the others work at Volkswagen’s Wolfsburg plant. Sitech is the Volkswagen Group company specializing in the development and production of vehicle seats.

Second premiere: Golf Variant TGI GMOTION from Zwickau
14 apprentices from Volkswagen Sachsen are unveiling the Golf Estate TGI GMOTION* with a 96 kW (131 PS) 1.5-liter natural gas engine with seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox and integrated all-wheel drive. Together with their mentors, the apprentices from the vehicle plant in Zwickau, the Chemnitz engine plant and the Transparent Factory in Dresden have created a Wörthersee show car that combines a sporting character, elegance and off-road capabilities. The GMOTION shows that alternative powertrains are not only suitable for families but also for business use.

The show car is painted in matt and gloss colors. The Bentley colors ice, hallmark and St James red harmonize with the standard Golf color deep black pearl effect. In the interior, all decorative trims feature chrome paint. The sports seats have red decorative stitching, sewn honeycombs and an embroidered GMOTION logo. The trainees installed a chassis with coil-over suspension, which can be lowered by up to 40 millimeters, and a 4-piston brake system. In addition, they adapted the underbody and the exhaust system to all-wheel drive.

The Zwickau Team of project manager Claudia Kittler (by training vocations):
electronics technicians for automation: Benjamin Liebold (20) and Tobias Siebert (18), vehicle paint technicians: Simon Boguslawski (19) and Denise Zeißler (22),industrial mechanic: Dennis Leuthäuser (21), construction mechanics: Jonathan Hammig (19), Marius Neumeister (21), motor vehicle mechatronics technicians: Tom Dubielczyk (20), Hannes Flade (18), Tobias Kalbas (19), Laura Saller (18) and Elisabeth Trompelt (18), mechatronics technician: Laura Hofmann (19), process technician for coating technology: Laura Wagner (20).

Note: A YouTube video shows the Wolfsburg Team and its Golf GTI Next Level. Video is available at May 9, 00:00 a.m CEST. The details of both show cars are summarized in two datasheets.