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A volcano eruption in Hawaii has displaced hundreds of homeowners on the big island. The Kilauea volcano erupted late last week, sending lava more than 200 feet in the air, and cascading down the mountainside into residences. The flood of ash and magma has overtaken everything in its path, including homes, trees, fences, and of course, a number of cars and roads.

These two new videos show the latest in a line of destruction as lava engulfs multiple vehicles and streets, leaving charred remains in its wake. The first clip (above) comes to us courtesy of Global News. In it we see a silver Ford Mustang, likely left behind by its owners during evacuation, overtaken by lava in a matter of seconds. The car quickly catches on fire before being buried almost entirely underneath the unstoppable flow of rock and ash.

The second video (below), comes to us courtesy of USA Today, and shows lava flowing from the surrounding hills, and creating a large burning mass atop a road in the city of Pahoa. Thankfully, no cars or people were harmed in this instance, but the massive amount of lava leaves the street nearly impassable, blocking some homes and buildings from emergency services.

To date, more than 1,700 people have been evacuated from the island. At least 26 homes and five structures have been destroyed in just a few days by the volcano – and we assume countless many cars – as lava overtakes a large residential area of the island. This isn't the first instance of Kilauea erupting, though. The volcano has been active since 1983, and in 2014 it destroyed one home and engulfed an entire cemetery before stopping short of the main road.

Source: Global News, USA Today

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