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Much to the surprise of show goers, the Honda Urban EV concept made its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2017, and quickly made its way into our hearts. We voted it one of the best vehicles at the event, alongside heavy hitters like the Mercedes-AMG Project One, and the Bentley Continental GT, among others. Now, we imagine the lovable concept wearing production clothing.

This concept previews what could become of the Urban EV concept if Honda does decide to build it. It utilizes most of the same elements found on the original concept, including boxy proportions, a unique headlight and grille design, and retro-inspired cues. Unlike the concept, though, this model is a bit more production friendly with standard halogen light fixtures, fog lights, and new wheels.

The body is also finished in a handsome shade of red, with a two-tone white roof and running board detail, with dark blue accents located near the bottom of the door panel. The new color pattern looks particularly appropriate on the updated, but still retro-styled vehicle. 

Honda Urban EV Production Rendering
Honda Urban EV Concept official image

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But this isn’t just some design exercise, rumor has it that the Honda Urban EV could actually make it to production. Philip Ross, Senior Vice President at Honda Europe, said back in March that order books would open for the Urban EV in Europe, "during early 2019." It’s unclear whether the same retro styling cues – both inside and out – will carry over the production version.

The Urban EV will be the first in a long line of fully electric and hybrid vehicles from Honda in the next few years. Every new Honda sold in Europe will be electrified from now on, with a plan to have two-third of new car sales in Europe either fully electric or hybrid by 2025, and globally by 2030.

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