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For the umpteenth time, the much-hyped Toyota Supra has been spotted attacking the Nürburgring ahead of its world debut scheduled to take place later this year. Several prototypes of the two-seater, rear-wheel-drive coupe were seen at the Green Hell after making a pit stop at a nearby gas station. The glorious soundtrack you’re hearing comes from a BMW engine, although its identity hasn’t been disclosed by either of the two parties involved in the Z4 & Supra tie-up.

If you’re willing to rely on the rumor mill, the engine in question is an inline-six with a pair of turbochargers good for somewhere in the region of 450 horsepower. It is believed the engine is in fact taken from the M3/M4 duo and adapted for the new application, but it’s better to wait for an official confirmation.

Regardless of what’s lurking underneath the hood, we do know the reborn Supra will be offered exclusively with an automatic transmission. Toyota’s chief engineer and the man behind the 86, Tetsuya Tada, said last month the fifth-gen Supra doesn’t need a manual, but the equivalent BMW Z4 is expected to feature a stick shift.

The attached four-minute video reconfirms the road-going model will stay true to the FT-1 concept, and while we can’t see the interior, a batch of spy shots from April allowed us to take a peek inside the sports car’s cabin.

Mostly developed at home in Japan and set to be built by Magna Steyr in Austria, the new Supra will be substantially more expensive than the 86 and will feature an ideal 50:50 weight distribution. A hybrid powertrain using Toyota’s electric knowhow was believed to be in the works for a range-topping version, but the official word right now is that it won’t happen.

Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept in GranTurismo Sport

Let’s keep in mind that the coupe has already been sort of revealed courtesy of a track-only concept unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. Since its debut, the Toyota GR Supra Racing concept has made its debut in Gran Turismo Sport where it weighs 1,243 kilograms (2,740 pounds) and has an output of 591 horsepower at 6,800 rpm and 514 pound-feet (697 Newton-meters) of torque. However, it’s safe to say the street-legal model won’t be able to match those output numbers, nor will it be as light as its race car sibling.

Video: Automotive Mike / YouTube

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