More than a month ago, the new Mercedes GLA was spied while being driven around the streets of Germany. The compact crossover was on relaxed mode on that video, but this time, the upcoming second generation model was seen pushing it hard at the Nurburgring.

This spy video was uploaded Automotive Mike and was shot during an industry pool at the famous race track. It wasn’t alone, though, as the GLA was spied with another high-riding Mercedes, which is most likely its upcoming all-new bigger brother, the GLB-Class.

The GLA looked to be performing well at the ‘Ring. It was attacking corners like a boss, more likely because of its not-too-high ground clearance. In fact, if we weren’t aware that it is in fact the GLA, we could easily mistake it for the A-Class because of its movement on the race track.

Aesthetically, the GLA will inherit all the goodness of the A-Class, except for a little bit more ground clearance, more protruding fender flares, and bigger wheel arch. This is expected since both are sitting atop the same MFA2 platform. The GLB also uses the same platform. Although, rumor has it that the GLB will be available as both five- and seven-seaters.

The GLA is slated to be an option for car-buyers who dig the compactness of the A-Class but want a little more height, presumably for terrains tougher than paved roads. On the other hand, the GLB will fill the slot within the Mercedes range between GLA and GLC, which will cater those who wants a beefier-looking GLA. Now, if you’re looking to buy a brand new Mercedes crossover soon, you’re in for a plethora of options once these new models are released.

Back to the video, were you able to catch the two BMW crossovers that were testing with the GLA? Jump to 1:48 for that easter egg.

Source: Automotive Mike / Youtube

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