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The X-Class has its own share of detractors, primarily because it’s the first premium pickup truck from Mercedes-Benz, or that its looks are somehow polarizing, or its competitors just hate it because it simply is competition.

This time, the Navara-based pickup truck proves worthy of praise and price tag by passing the dreaded moose test – something that the Toyota Hilux failed more than a year ago (and years before that) and brands like BMW and Volvo competes for with the X2 and XC40 crossovers, respectively.

The moose test is an evasive maneuver test made to check if a vehicle can safely avoid sudden obstacles like, well, a moose crossing the street. The X-Class test was done by, a Spanish car magazine that conducts their own technical vehicle assessments like dodge, slaloms, and moose tests.

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In the video, the Mercedes X-Class was able to easily avoid the cones (and keep all four wheels on the ground) with a maximum approaching speed of 43 miles per hour (69 kilometers per hour). To compare, other mainstream pickup trucks like the Ford Ranger and Mitsubishi L200 did a tad better, both able to do 44 mph (71 kph) without hitting any cones.

Nevertheless, the X-Class passed the test with flying colors, and a pass is a pass, which means that you won’t be paying excess money on a non-safe premium pickup truck. Although, what had in their video was the four-cylinder version of the X-Class, the one with either 163 or 190 hp (apparently, the 258-hp option wasn’t available when they did the test).

We just can help but wonder how would the test pan out if it’s the Geneva-revealed 258-hp V6 engine that’s inside that muscular bonnet. Bigger engine means more weight, which also translates to more weight on the pickup truck’s front axle. With that shift in the pickup truck’s weight, how do you think the V6 X-Class’ moose test would go? Any guess?

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