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While Lewis Hamilton seems to be selling his Mercedes-Maybach S600 in the United Kingdom, his teammate and fellow Formula 1 title-holder Nico Rosberg shows off his 1955 Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing in Monaco.

In a Youtube video uploaded by Rosberg himself, the former Formula 1 champion takes his followers on a tour in his perfectly-restored 300 SL. This 1955 classic is a bit modern for its age with its gullwing doors and coupe body, while still sporting its weird ignition process and original old school leather seats that have been crisped over time. What’s great about it is that whoever restored this car did a pretty stellar job as the classic somehow looks brand new – it’s like we were transported back to the 1950s with it.

To complement the classic goodness of the car, Rosberg also virtually took his followers on a scenic tour in Monaco, while taking his 300 SL to a spin in the process. He seems to have enjoyed the drive himself as seen on the video. We also love how he didn’t conceal the car’s quirkiness because let’s face it, the car’s almost 70 years old.


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But even with that age, the classic 300 SL Gullwing two-seater did a great run on Monaco’s streets. Rosberg even pushed the car to its limits on the country’s mountain passes after reaching its 130-degree Fahrenheit optimal engine oil temperature. He attacked corners and did downshifts, almost as if he’s driving his F1 car.

Although this one’s a bit absurd – but did you catch Rosberg mention that his car’s current mileage just hit 30,000 miles? Jump to the 7:12 mark for that. Well, that’s not much big of a deal since we think the mileage was just reset during the restoration process or whatever but still, it’s a tad weird hearing that for a car that was built in 1955.

Source: Nico Rosberg / Youtube

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