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Teasers come in different shapes and sizes. Auto manufacturers usually release weird sketches or obscured images of their upcoming release, refusing to give details about their next car. Well, that’s normal. The art of teasing has been known to man since time immemorial. Some brands even conceal the name of the car, maybe just to heighten the excitement. Just maybe.

But that’s not the case with Aston Martin. In a recent swing of events, the British marque looks to have “accidentally” posted a link about their upcoming release on their media website. And it’s not just an ordinary Aston Martin; it’s a limited production AMR model, and the DB11 would bear its nameplate.

The slip was picked up by Autoblog, which has reached out to Aston Martin about the issue but to no avail as of this writing. What’s surprising is that the link is still up and you can clearly see Aston Martin DB11 AMR right at the center of the page (and its URL). Too bad, though, there’s nothing much to get from the page as it’s password protected.

It's now official:

Aston Martin DB11 AMR website screenshot

Needless to say, Aston Martin’s AMR line of cars are limited edition and only produced by the hundreds globally. The models that have been given this treatment are the Vantage, Rapide, Vulcan, and the ultra-rare 25 units of Valkyrie AMR Pro.

It's safe to say that the DB11 will come with a pale metallic green color scheme, which is rampant among AMR models that have been revealed. Although, we’re not sure how the automaker would treat its V8 and V12 offerings of the DB11. It would probably be the same as with the Vantage, offering V8 an V12 AMRs to its patrons. If that happens, there will definitely be a split up between the number of DB11 AMRs to be produced, which we actually don’t mind – because rarity is a great commodity.


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Photo by: Drew Phillips
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