Crazy about spirited driving but your car’s seat sucks? This product is the solution.

It’s needless to say that car seats are important. Unless you want to stand up inside your vehicle while driving, they may very well be one of the most basic parts of automobiles. They support your weight and keep you in place, however, not everyone knows that car seats are also the secret to a more spirited drive.

Through time, car seats have evolved from having flat back rests to now-molded types that have bolsters hugging the body. There’s a problem with bolsters, though – they can only support up to a certain extent because of limitations like getting in to and out of your car. Well-bolstered seats can impede car ingress and egress, which can be and will be annoying. It’s a conundrum for designers, so to speak, and everyone resolves to compromise.

This project in Kickstarter aims to solve that issue, and its ingenuity is quite impressive. The project is called Booster Boost, which is a brainchild of Ted Heys. It isn’t live for now, though, as Mr. Heys wanted to get feedbacks first before he pushes it for live crowdfunding. Here’s how Bolster Boost works:


Convinced? Well, we are. In fact, we can’t wait for the Bolster Boost to push through production. But, it will need your help before it does. If ever Bolster Boost goes into mass production, it would be more affordable for everyone. Oh, what a great joy to see people enjoying spirited driving. That connected feeling with the car is priceless, mind you.

Once the project goes live, it will need your backing and pledges, too, which will serve as an investment to the project. For full details about the Bolster Boost and to support the project, go to the Kickstarter website and leave a feedback. You can also choose to be notified on its launch. Backers and pledgers are also given rewards because, yes, that’s how Kickstarter works.

Source: Kickstarter


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