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Monaco is known for its luxurious casinos and races, so seeing supercars grazing its streets isn’t really something new for the people and tourists there. As the home of the Monaco Grand Prix, the rumble of fast cars won’t really turn heads in this country. Except maybe, if it’s a one-off Mercedes-Benz SLR that’s designed, tuned, and modified by the German company called Fab Design. Okay, fine, this one’s a looker.

The supercar, which was made in collaboration with McLaren (back when Mercedes owned 40 percent of the British marque), was seen grazing the streets of Monaco. Although, the modification weren’t really that outrageous, I must say. But what caught our attention is its uncanny resemblance to a car found in a video game. Any guess which game exactly?

Mercedes SLR Monaco
Mercedes SLR Monaco

It’s like it was tuned in Need For Speed Most Wanted, where its 2005 model was one of the fastest in the game, alongside the Porsche Carrera GT. If you’re among those who has played the title, you’ll definitely see the resemblance.

We’re not sure if Fab Design intently made it that way but this modified Mercedes SLR McLaren is darn right nostalgic. Best part is, it sounded like the one in the game as well. Looks like someone did their homework.

Per the guy who uploaded the video, he spotted the one-off supercar while he was in Monaco for the Top Marques 2018. It has been seen to fill the streets of Monaco, blinding everyone with its polarizing chrome wheels. And oh, jump to 1:25 to hear the rumble of its supercharged V8 engine. You will also see other SLR fans who obviously stopped and took a photo/video of the vehicle. Talk about being a video game celebrity.

With V1 on its license plate at the back, we wonder who owns this custom-made Mercedes SLR?


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