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Edd China, formerly the mechanic on Wheeler Dealers, is working on cars again, and this time he's the star of his own show called Edd China's Garage Revival. The pilot episode is streaming on YouTube, and it's pretty good. 

Each episode has China meeting with someone who has a semi-finished project car and helping the guest to complete the vehicle. In this one, he travels to Norway to assist with modifying a first-gen Volkswagen GTI. There are complications from the beginning because the owner wants to slot a later 16-valve engine into his car, and Norwegian authorities apparently aren't very keen on allowing engine swaps.

The owner was lucky, though, because in his case there was a loophole. The VW tuner Oettinger built a run of first-gen GTIs with a 16-valve engine, and VW of France went through the process of having it certified as a production car. This means that the owner can install the more powerful engine as long as he and China also install rear disc brakes like on the Oettinger cars. Later in the episode, China shows off the work necessary for this conversion, including re-routing the parking brake.

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In addition to showing off the engine swap, China also assists in replacing the GTI's headliner, re-installing the windshield, and restoring the wheels, including powder coating them. By the end, the vintage VW is ready to slide through Norway's snow-covered roads.

China's segments were always the best parts Wheeler Dealers, and this new show puts an even bigger emphasis on his wrenching abilities. The guy also seems quietly confident about whatever project he is working on.

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According to the video's YouTube description: "Your favorite mechanic, Edd China from Wheeler Dealers, is back with what we hope will be a new program series." So it's not clear whether this is just a pilot to build interest into possibly making a full series out of Edd China's Garage Revival or if there are more episodes on the way. Based on this one, we would definitely watch another.

Source: Edd China's Garage Revival via YouTube

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