Police are looking for drivers who grabbed bags of cash before speeding off.

They say money doesn’t just fall out of the sky – but on I-70 near Holt Road in Indianapolis, that’s essentially what happened. A Brinks truck lost an estimated $600,000 worth of cash when its rear door swung open unexpectedly at highway speed. The cash spilled out onto the highway during rush hour, at about 9 A.M. yesterday morning.

Bags of money and bills alike spewed from the rear of the Brinks truck and onto the highway, causing plenty of delays. "Bags of money were falling out of the back onto the interstate," ISP Corporal Brock McCooe told CBS 4 Indy. "Sort of something out of a movie scene, where you have bills, loose bills flying all over the interstate, vehicles stopping, people getting out of their cars."

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It wasn’t until another driver pulled up to the window and pointed frantically at the rear of the Brinks truck that the worker realized his truck was spilling cash. Of course, plenty of drivers were pulling over on the side of the road, some reportedly even jumping over some fences to get their hands on the free cash. But they shouldn’t expect to hold on to it for long.

Police said that taking the cash from the scene is still theft, obviously. Police are currently looking for four drivers, including one school bus driver who stopped and grabbed cash quickly before pulling off, and four men in a white pickup truck who managed to snag an entire bag of cash.

"If you’re willing to, in good conscience, turn it back in, there’s amnesty, there’s no real questions asked if you’re willing to give it back," McCooe said.

Source:  CBS 4 Indy

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