Audi A6; More Aggressive Front End, Solid Beautiful Interior Set to Again Lead Class

Walter da Silva’s continuous march toward design legend seems currently unstoppable. Our artist renderings show the next A6 to be more butch in its delivery, yet still friendly at the same time. As these pictures show, the larger front grille is likely to mirror that of the concept Q7 V12 TDI which exhibits sharp air ducts, while the sides have kinks reminiscent of recent Bangleism.

The A6 is perhaps no longer the design icon of Audi sedans it once was, relying now on other models to redefine itself. A lot of A5 is evident also, as well as new A4 cues. Audi is working on making the A6 much more dynamic as a driver’s car, something that current and previous generations have sorely lacked. To that end a number of gismos will be put to use, including a multi-link rear suspension.

Interior will raise comfort levels by employing such devices as touch-screen LCD to be used with a revised version of Audi’s MMI. The new A6 will be bigger than its current form and will feature a wheelbase that measures around 3 metres and a total length of over 5 metres.

Engines are where a lot of interest could be generated. Volkswagen/ Audi family engines will do duty, including V6, V8, V10 and V12 versions. But the spark, so to speak, could be ignited by Audi’s obsession with diesel, via a rumoured, very powerful but small diesel motor. Sources indicate the motor may be twin charged, using both a turbo and a supercharger to make at least 150kW/ 201 bhp, with over 400Nm of torque on tap.

Gallery: 2011 Audi A6: Via Artist's Eyes