Audi RS 7 Getting Ready To Take the Fight to M6/ CLS 63 AMG with 5.0-litre V10, Two Turbos and Quattro.

Fresh new renderings of the upcoming Audi A7 have come out. The 2+2 seater, four-door coupe, which will be ready for production in 2009, is already testing, hidden under thick plastic as a mule.

Several models, as per Audi model pyramid, will go under the name A7. The most obvious of them are V6 petrol and diesel offerings, ranging from a 3.2-litre 200kW/268 bhp up to a storming 5.0-litre bi-turbo V10 of some 426kW/570 bhp. A surprise package will be the 368kW/ 493 bhp V12 TDI, which is already testing in the R 8 and is being eyed for inclusion as the flagship engine for the Q7 SUV.

Both front-wheel-drive and Quattro will be on offer, the latter on a 60:40 rear-biased split for the extreme-performance models such as the RS 7. The car will share its underpinnings with the next A6, although it will slot in slightly higher than the five-seater, but below the A8, as WCF has repeatedly reported.

The A7 could make its debut at the New York International Auto Show from March 21 – 30, 2008. This makes sense since Audi, like everyone else, is gunning for the US market in a big way, and as our renderings clearly show, the low-slung roofline should be a hit among Americans. The most recent hit car, at the time, to offer such a roof design was the Chrysler 300C and to good effect.

Latest Audi A7 Renderings Emerge