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Originally unveiled back in September 2016, the E-Class All-Terrain is Mercedes’ belated answer to the Audi A6 Allroad and it also has to go up against the Volvo V90 Cross Country. It debuted exclusively with a four-cylinder turbodiesel engine, with the three-pointed star promising to add a beefier six-cylinder diesel “a short time later.” However, it’s the beginning of May 2018 and there’s still no sign of the engine in question, but that’s probably because the company decided to wait for the rollout of its new inline-six.

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Our German pals at MB Passion Blog have learned the E400d 4Matic All-Terrain will finally be launched in Europe during the third quarter of 2018. When it will arrive, it’s going to feature the same inline-six available in S400d and the recently launched CLS 400d. In both instances, the newly developed diesel codenamed “OM 656” pushes out 335 horsepower and a generous amount of torque: 516 pound-feet (700 Newton-meters).

The 2.9-liter unit packs two turbochargers and will obviously command a significant premium over the smaller 2.0-liter diesel powering the E220d 4Matic All-Terrain on sale in Europe today. As a reminder, the inline-four is good for 192 hp (143 kW) and 295 lb-ft (400 Nm).

Sitting 29 millimeters (1.1 inches) higher than the regular version, the E-Class All-Terrain is not actually the most competent E-Class Wagon ever made. That role has been reserved to the crazy All-Terrain 4x4² created last year by E-Class development engineer Jürgen Eberle. Last time we heard, there was somewhat of a chance for a limited-run production series, but there’s no sign of the further-jacked-up wagon featuring a ground clearance of nearly 200 mm (7.8 inches) and the portal axles borrowed from the G500 4x4².

Source: MB Passion Blog

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