Mercedes-Benz S 400 HYBRID Caught In Snow Testing. BLUETEC technology said to give car 700 mile/1127 km range

The war on terror seems to be in sync with the war on emissions as car manufacturers become more and more the targets of emissions legislation. Mercedes-Benz is not aiming to be caught with its silver arrows down. WFC has reported several times on BLUETEC technology, how clean it is while not sacrificing power. Now we reveal the spy shots that confirm this upcoming engine derivative.

If you take a close scrutiny on the badging of this S-Class you will take note of the covered S 400 words to the left, while HYBRID takes cover on the right-hand side. The vehicle is undergoing final tests before launch. This year will see BLUETEC find its way into virtually the entire MB range, including ML, R, GL and C.

BLUETEC’s advantages are many. Why, a V6 engine of this nature has the same torque characteristics as a petrol/gasoline V8, while claiming a range of over 1100km/ 700 miles in city driving conditions. You have to be reminded that this is the luxurious S-Class, flagship of Mercedes-Benz. Beautifully the diesel motor comes to its own over longer stretches, unlike certain hybrids of Japanese origin (no names mentioned) whose small petrol motors give up the fight very quickly as soon as your back is turned on the city, thus returning poor performance and fuel economy.

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