Second chance – not everyone has this privilege in life and if they do, it’s usually endearing and such events are the things that should be held on to. That’s the case with this Subaru Outback, which, by the looks of it, has been T-boned on its right side, receiving serious damages to its doors and the metal frame that supports the A and B pillars. Through the hands of the Russian auto body repairman/internet sensation Arthur Tussik, this Subie gets another chance at life.

The video’s quite short, though, as seven minutes are enough to showcase the two days’ worth of repairs done by Tussik. Besides, the work wasn’t as extensive as what he has done before – remember the BMW 750i that needed 27 days of full-body repair after a horrendous crash? Nevertheless, the metal frame of the Outback looked pretty banged up and needed replacement.

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The wrecked doors of the Outback were already removed from the car when Tussik received it. As stated in the video, the owner of the damaged car was able to buy replacements for the doors and front fender, and they’re of the same color, too. Lucky guy.

With that, the only thing left for Tussik to do is to replace its metal frame and pop up some dents. Using his tools, proper measurement, great skills, and probably some magic, our favorite auto body repairman was able to do the job. He was also able to put the doors back in place. If we hadn’t known that this Outback went through repairs, we wouldn’t really know that something happened with the car.

Although, granted, the car’s integrity and ability to absorb crash might be compromised after this bodywork. Still, it’s amazing to see one man doing the job, and does so quite easily.

Now, why are these videos fun to watch again? Guess watching someone do things we can’t do is somehow fulfilling. Agree?

Source: Arthur Tussik / Youtube

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