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Audi’s teaser campaign for the first-ever Q8 is in full swing… and we’re afraid that it’s getting weirder. Ahead of its full reveal set to take place in June, Ingolstadt’s flagship SUV was taken to a dark room where a German blogger by the name of Sandra Schink was invited to “blindtaste” the coupe-ified Q7. Fluorescent tape was plastered onto the vehicle’s controversial body, which the four-ring company says in a Facebook post that it carries the gene of the iconic Quattro.

A somewhat similar teaser episode took place nearly a year ago when Audi blindfolded a few German bloggers and allowed them to feel the metal of the new A8 L as well as its posh cabin. For the Q8’s “blindtasting” session, Sascha Heyde, exterior designer part of Marc Lichte’s talented team, was tasked to carefully apply the fluorescent tape to highlight the lines of the sporty luxobarge.

Hotter versions coming:

Unfortunately, details about the new Audi Q8 have not been disclosed, with one exception. We do get to learn it’s going to be almost 30 millimeters (1.18 inches) longer than the regular Q7, which by the way has a width of 1968 mm (77.5 in.). Plenty of spy shots and these teaser images are showing the heavily sloped roofline – an effect described by Sascha Heyde as being nothing short of “mind-blowing.” He goes on to mention “the unquestionable massive vehicle comes across as an oversized coupe.”

2019 Audi Q8 spy photo
2019 Audi A8: First Drive

Sandra Schink was allowed to hop in the Q8’s cabin, and having been inside the A8, she recognized many of the controls as the Q8 will largely inherit the sedan’s cabin. Spy shots, like the one above on the left, have demonstrated the strong connection between the two models.

This is all that Audi is willing to show for the time being, but with the Q8’s debut scheduled for June, it means we have the full month of May ahead with teasers to create more buzz around what will become the company’s most expensive SUV.

Source: Audi

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