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A spy video from the Monza race track catches Porsche developing a mysterious 911 race car. It appears to blend elements from the road-going GT2 RS and GT3 RS but with a massive wing and other body tweaks. The engine sounds turbocharged, too, whereas existing 911 competition vehicles are naturally aspriated

Up front, the racer's front bumper seems to come from the GT2 RS because of the three boxy intakes but with the addition of canards at each corner. Porsche revises the hood, though. The ducts here are lower on the hood and larger than the ones from the GT2 RS or GT3 RS. There's also a new, larger vent in the center. The curvy outlet behind the front wheels comes straight from Porsche's ultimate road-going 911s.

More About The Future 911:

At the back, the bumper isn't like any existing street-legal 911 because there are huge, mesh-covered outlets that wrap around each side of it. Two exhaust pipes poke out of the center, and the part looks similar to what's on the GT3 RS. The wing is even more prominent than on the road cars, too.

To make this mystery more fascinating, a similar but not identical 911 was testing last year (gallery above). The car in the earlier video featured slight differences like different intakes in the hood and an altered exhaust arrangement with two separated outlets – more like the GT2 RS.

The test mule doesn't appear wild enough to replace the mid-engined 911 RSR. Conversely, this one appears too hardcore to take over for the 911 GT3 Cup, which is generally just a slightly modified version of the road car. Perhaps, Porsche is preparing to take the turbocharged 911 racing again like the famous 934 and 935 race cars.

Source: 19Bozzy92 via YouTube

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