Citroen has unveiled the DS4 model at the Paris motor show - after details and photos had been previously released. But the automaker promises more DS models are on the way.

The DS4 is a 5-door hatchback model, based on the Citroen C4, with 3 seats on the rear bench, but with hidden handles embedded in the rear-door window frames so as to make the DS4 look more like a sport coupe.

According to Citroën boss Frederic Banzet, speaking to Autocar at the Paris motor show, the DS4 and DS3 will be followed by more DS-label models, including a DS5 next year.

Possibilities include a DS sports car, but Banzet said variants of the DS3 were under consideration. A soft-top DS3 is said to be next on the list, according to Autocar.

The DS4 will come with two diesel - the 1.6 liter HDi 110 and an HDi 160 - the numbers denominating horsepower. Both diesels will also be made available with e-HDi technology which features a fuel-saving stop/start system.

On the gasoline/petrol side will be three engines - the 1.6 VTi 120, the THP 155 and a new THP 200 - a 1.6 liter turbocharged power plant with 200 PS (197 bhp/147 kW) and 275 Nm (203 lb-ft) of torque. A 1.6 liter engine range developed in a joint venture between BMW and PSA Group.

Banzet also confirmed to Autocar that the DS label will remain just that, a sub-badge of Citroen and will not be turned into a separate brand.

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