It is official, ladies and gentlemen: the Mitsubishi Lancer will get a hatchback version soon, as we have already informed you previously. It is a pity there are still no photographs of the new vehicle, which, according to the British press release of the Japanese automaker, will debut later this year at the Geneva Motor Show. The hatch features a 5-door body, following the same path the Subaru Impreza has already taken.

According to the same document, the Lancer Sportback will have almost the same technical specs that the Lancer Ralliart presents, apart from the luggage compartment: a four-cylinder 4B11 engine delivering 240 bhp and 343 Nm, the six-speed Twin Clutch SST automated manual transmission and the new 4WD system, the Super All Wheel Drive Control (S-AWC), that integrates all electronic systems of the car, such as the Active Center Differential (ACD), the Active Yaw Control (AYC), the Active Stability Control (ASC) and the ABS.

The production of the car is already confirmed, although the company is still presenting a prototype car at the show. Prices could also have already been released, but the company has chosen to keep that for themselves a little longer and only stated that, since five-door hatchbacks are so popular in Europe, almost 70% of all Lancer sales will be with the new body (in the UK, this number will be as high as 80%).

The British press release from Mitsubishi also states that all the company’s new vehicles were born from concepts, since the Lancer was first presented as the Concept-X in 2005, in Tokyo, and the Lancer Evolution X derived from the Prototype-X, presented in 2007 in Detroit. Is this an indication that the Concept-RA will also be mass-produced? If so, we may all expect a new and exciting Eclipse.

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