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A new spy video catches the upcoming replacement for the Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class while the driver waits for a red light to change. The short stop provides a great view of the sedan's profile – even if there is a lot of camouflage on it.

Mercedes installs body cladding onto this test mule that conceals what the little sedan really looks like. The bulbous stuff on the hood means that the front end is like sleeker than the way the appearance here. The same is true for the trunk and possibly the rear fenders, too. So much camouflage makes it hard to draw any accurate conclusions about the updated design. 


Rumors suggest the new CLA would have a fastback-style tail that would take cues from the latest CLS, which should make the little sedan quite attractive. Earlier spy shots suggest they share similar front end designs, too.

Inside, the new CLA will likely have more in common with the latest A-Class, though, because the two vehicles will share Mercedes' latest front-wheel-drive platform. This will mean that the little sedan will likely be available with tech like a pair of 10.25-inch screens for the digital instrument panel and infotainment displays. There will also probably be a full suite of driver assistance tech that would give a modicum of semi-autonomous capability.

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The CLA will also share powertrains with the new A-Class. For Europeans, this will mean choosing from five gasoline and four diesel engines, and there will be even more powertrain options for the AMG variants. Looking at the existing CLA in the U.S, Americans will probably have far fewer mills to pick from. Eventually the range-topping CLA45 will pack over 400 horsepower.

Mercedes will also move the CLA slightly up market for its second generation in the U.S. The new A-Class Sedan will occupy the brand's entry-level position as a more traditional looking four-door, and the more stylish CLA will lure buyers to spend more to get its more curvaceous shape.

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