Citroën has pulled the wraps off the Lacoste concept which features a funky design and an open-air cockpit.

Citroën has pulled the wraps off the Lacoste concept.

Designed to be fun and fashionable, the Lacoste features an open-air cockpit, a retractable windscreen, "golf ball-style" wheels, and a full-length roof beam. The latter has an integrated inflatable soft top, which can be quickly deployed in inclement weather.

The cabin boasts a retro steering cabin, a pixilated instrument cluster (inspired by early video games), and numerous storage compartments. The seats are upholstered in white cotton and draw inspiration from Lacoste polo shirts.

Under the hood, power is provided by a three-cylinder petrol engine. While the company declined to release additional information, they stated it has "adequate performance to propel a vehicle of its size and weight."

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