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Lamborghini’s second SUV is a big hit around the world after its reveal last year. The Urus, which is a huge leap from the boxy LM002, got a number of orders that made the Italian automaker predict assembly of 1,000 units per year – and that’s not a small number for a car that has a $200,000 price tag.

With those figures, probably the next best business move is to capitalize on the market interest, and make a smaller version that would cater to those who are looking for more compact SUVs. Lamborghini begs to differ and would like to continue protecting its exclusivity.


All The Details About The Urus:

Speaking to Drive at the Urus' international media launch in Rome, Lamborghini’s Chief Technical Officer, Maurizio Reggiani, said that the Urus super SUV is at the perfect position in the lineup today and it’s at the “bottom” of the company’s parameters.

In other words, a smaller SUV isn’t exactly what the Italian marque is looking for, and might not exactly match with its DNA.

“At the end, it is all about brand positioning, and you can go too far down and dilute the position that we are the pinnacle of the car business,” he said.

While Porsche has already tapped the market for compact luxury soft roaders with the Macan, and Bentley is currently heading towards the same path, it looks like Lamborghini won’t follow suit – at least not anytime soon.

Fortunately, though, the automaker didn’t mention that it won’t make models that are bigger than the Urus. Maybe that’s something to look forward to.

For now, what Reggiani confirmed is that the Urus’ popularity isn’t going to end there. He said that more Urus models will be made in the future, just like how Lamborghini expanded the appeal of the Gallardo and Huracan with multiple variants. A 680-horsepower Porsche-powered plug-in hybrid model is rumored to be a part of that list of Urus derivatives. Who knows what variant could come next.


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